Tube Straightening Can


ITEM . Tube Straightening Can
• Products are 100% made in Taiwan.
• The patent application numbers are as follows:
   TW I565542 / TW D188175 / US 9,862,015 B1 / EP 3272436 / CN ZL 2017 1 0157133.3



Applicable for various flexible tubes, such as copper tube, brass tube, aluminum tube or stainless steel tube. It is also applicable for automotive, plumbing, heating System, air conditioning system, and industrial piping.

We have 15 standard colors, which are used in the roller chute to distinguish the different sizes of our products. We use color as a size management, letting the user see the color and know which size it is. This unique feature is something you have never seen before compared to other tools sold on the market.

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